Extreme-quality media player that features extraordinarily crisp audio


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  • Category Players
  • License Free
  • Version 4.02.1713
  • Size 8.90 MB
  • Works under Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP
  • Language English
  • Program by AIMP

AIMP is a well-designed, intuitive audio player that allows you to interact with the music you love in more ways than one.

Unlike so many programs that are designed to do one thing and one thing alone, AIMP allows you to build an entirely customizable listening experience. Though it does have the basic capability of supporting all major audio files, its real functionality goes well beyond a typical audio player. There are, of course, the standard options, but there is also an 18-band equalizer, fading effects, a normalizing filter, a visualizer and an entirely separate window for the current playlist. You are even allowed to assign everything personalized hotkeys for faster, smoother operation. If that’s still not enough, AIMP even comes with the ability to stream online radio stations and can loop specific sections of songs on your playlist. For those who enjoy working with audio, there are some basic recording features included as well as audio conversion. Plug-ins are even supported to further enhance this program’s capabilities.

It should be noted that while an incredible program, AIMP is built for those who really want an involved way to listen to and interact with their audio. The capabilities for tweaking everything are extensive and can lead some to potentially feel overwhelmed. If you’re looking for a simple audio program that only plays back the audio you want, AIMP is not the answer. However, if you want a fully customizable program that provides you with myriad different ways to interact with your sounds, AIMP is perfect.


  • Clean, smooth interface with skin support
  • High levels of customization
  • Supports all major audio formats
  • Allows for recording and conversion


  • Potentially too complicated for a casual user
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